LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a popular form of business entity in India. It offers the flexibility of a partnership firm and the limited liability of a company. 

Process of LLP Registration

The process of LLP registration involves the following steps:

  1. Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): The first step in LLP registration is obtaining a DSC for the designated partners. A DSC is required for filing the application for registration.
  2. Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN): The designated partners of the LLP must obtain a DIN from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. A DIN is a unique identification number required for a person to be appointed as a director in any company or LLP.
  3. Name Reservation: After obtaining the DSC and DIN, the next step is to reserve a name for the LLP. The name should be unique and not similar to any existing company or LLP.
  4. Filing of LLP Agreement: Once the name is reserved, the LLP agreement should be prepared and filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) within 30 days of name reservation.
  5. Obtaining Certificate of Registration: Upon filing the LLP agreement, the ROC will verify the documents and issue a Certificate of Registration if everything is in order.

How TaxOver Can Help You with LLP Registration

TaxOver can assist you with LLP registration by providing the following services:

  1. Name Reservation: Our team can assist you in reserving a unique name for your LLP.
  2. LLP Agreement Drafting: Our team can help you draft the LLP agreement as per the applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Filing of Application: Our team can assist you in filing the application for LLP registration with the ROC.
  4. Certificate of Registration: Our team can help you obtain the Certificate of Registration from the ROC.
  5. Compliance Assistance: Our team can help you comply with the legal and regulatory requirements of the LLP.


LLP registration is a crucial process for starting a Limited Liability Partnership in India. The process involves obtaining a DSC and DIN, name reservation, drafting of LLP agreement, and obtaining a Certificate of Registration. TaxOver can assist you in the entire LLP registration process by providing name reservation, LLP agreement drafting, application filing, and compliance assistance services. Contact TaxOver today to avail our LLP registration services and start your business journey.

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